Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

380 Power Wash wanted to let you know some important information on Cleaning up your home or business. Cleaning has a different meaning to everyone. Your definition of cleaning up maybe differ from your child. There are distinct definitions of Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting Surfaces in home, schools, commercial buildings & public places. The definition is set by the CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention).


Cleaning is the process of removing visible debris, dirt, and dust and organizing a space. Cleaning a surface uses soap or detergent and, usually, water to remove soil and germs through chemical, scrubbing, water temperature action. Cleaning may or may not kill bacteria and germs, but it will dilute their numbers and aid in lowering the risk of spreading infectious viruses and bacteria.


When a product claims to sanitize a surface, it is promising to make the surface free of germs that could be harmful to your health according to public health standards or requirements. Sanitizing reduces, not kills, the number and growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Sanitizing is particularly important in areas where germs and fungi can cause illnesses. Chemicals may not be needed because extreme heat—at least 170 degrees F or by using Hot Water Power Washing Equipment can kill bacteria.


The act of disinfecting kills microscopic organisms (germs, viruses, fungi,) on surfaces. Disinfection is usually achieved by using EPA-Approved Chemicals that kill the organisms and prevent them from spreading. Items can also be disinfected using UV-C germicidal short wavelength, ultraviolet light that breaks apart the DNA of bacteria and germs leaving them unable to harm or reproduce. This is the same UV-C light technology used in Hospital Surgery Rooms to aid in killing superbugs.

Disinfecting does not necessarily remove visible dirt and debris from a surface and is much more effective if basic cleaning is done first. We here at 380 Power Wash always suggest Cleaning, Sanitize, then Disinfect.

Should You Clean, Sanitize, or Disinfect?

Maintenance Cleaning should be a routine process that occurs on a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis. Basic housekeeping maintains order, reduces the growth of potentially harmful organisms, helps keep pests under control, and protects the investment you’ve made in your home and belongings.

Sanitization is important for health and hygiene and is particularly important on communal surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, light switches, touchpads, and any surface that comes in contact with humans or animals.

Disinfecting should always be done when someone in the household is ill or if someone has a compromised immune system. Following label instructions and using disinfectants correctly is vital to killing microorganisms. If the product is not used correctly, the process only offers a false sense of security. Rest assured that we have the knowledge to Disinfect correctly and safely.

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Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services

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