Gum Removal Services

380 Power Wash will help in removal of gum from walkways, sidewalks, and parking lots and all types surfaces. Our professional cleaning team use environmentally friendly products in the process for removing gum. Using harsh chemical can often make the situation worse.

When gum is left on the surface of a sidewalk or walkway it not only becomes a eye sore for the business but when customer get it on there shoes it will create a unfavorable experience for them. That’s just a few reason to hire a professional team like 380 Power Wash to remove the gum and return your business appeal back.


Gum Removal Service

If you own a business in a shopping center or are a property manager that manages a shopping center, then you realize the importance of keeping the front of yIour business clean. Gum is big problem and regular sidewalk cleaning increases the cleanliness of your business.

Allowing Gum to build up and sidewalk cleaning is not done on a regular basis, the heat from our  Texas sun and humidity will cause the gum to petrify. This makes it harder to remove and will also cause a shadow once the gum is removed. To prevent this, it is recommended that sidewalk cleaning and gum removal be done on a monthly, bi monthly or at the very least a quarterly basis.

The good news is the more frequent sidewalk cleaning you have, the lower the overall cost is to you and your property. Plus your tenants are happier, and they are drawing in more customers.

When providing sidewalk cleaning or gum removing services, we have the proper equipment and expertise to remove gum and other stains from your sidewalks and parking lots without causing damage. Inexperienced pressure washing operators can cause damage to concrete. We have been providing sidewalk cleaning, gum removal, and other services for commercial buildings, shopping centers, and property managers for over 20 years.

Our company also offers graffiti removal, window cleaning, cob web removal, odor removal, dumpster cleaning and many other exterior cleaning services.

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