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380 Pressure Wash has invested in the best equipment and technology for today’s power washing demands. While standard cold water pressure washing systems have the ability to wash away surface debris and grime, they don’t have the ability to penetrate past the oil and grease that naturally builds up on concrete from vehicle and foot traffic.

Concrete is naturally porous and collects dirt, grime, debis as well as grease and oil that absorbs into it’s surface. Our Hot Water Surface Cleaning equipment allows for pressurized hot water to break up the oil and grease that has the dirt and debris trapped underneath allowing for a true clean. This pressure washing system is designed for and utilized by restaurants in and outside, many high traffic car washes, lube shops, break shop and general mechanic shops can greatly benefit from this type of service. If you would like more information or would to request a free demo on how this service can greatly improve the appearance of your property as well as help with over maintenance and longevity for your building, driveways, sidewalks, entryways and parking lots.

Hot & Cold Water Cleaning The Difference Is Deep

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Heated Power Washing Frisco, Mckinney, Denton

Our commercial power washing services are available across the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We have a strong focus in the Frisco, Denton, Mckinney, Little Elm, Prosper and Prosper communities. We are conveniently located in Cross Roads, Texas making it a great location to serve the entire 380 Corridor.