Spring Time Again

It is that time again and spring is everywhere in North Texas. As always our residential service sector is way up. However, we have always wondered why spring cleaning doesn’t affect business owners and property managers in the same way. In most homes across America, the spring season is the first chance to get outside, to get active and start cleaning. Much needed upgrading, maintaining and putting order back into the home.

Spring Cleaning

Our ongoing commercial accounts obviously understand the “spring cleaning feeling” and the effects it has on their property and their potential customer base all year long. We understand that business owners have many things on their plate on a daily basis. Most never give the outside of their establishment a second thought. However, we promise you ….your customers and potentially new customers absolutely do care.

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Spring Cleaning

It’s surprising the number of restaurants, healthcare facilities and shopping centers that are not cleaning their property on a regular basis. These are the type of location that consumers expect and for the most part, demand looks clean on the outside. It is the first impression before you ever get into the establishment.


No matter the reviews or what they have heard about a business when a customer pulls up to a parking lot that is stained with oil, dirt, and grime along with gum stains, tar spots, and debris it is the first indicator about the cleanliness of the inside of the establishment. The same holds true for sidewalks, entryways, drive-thrus, and outdoor eating areas. House Power Washing

We would like to give a great big shout-out to all business that has the Spring Cleaning Bug throughout the entire year. Your understanding of what customers demand and the pride you take in your business is just one reason that we are sure your business will flourish for years to come.

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